Saturday, April 2, 2011

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So it seems that I'm about due for my annual update to blogspot. My tonsillitis is gone, thanks to some antibiotics, and a new quarter is about to begin at SFCC. Since it's Spring quarter, I'll either have to start saving pennies, or begin looking for a summer job, since Sodexo doesn't run all its staff in the summer months. So wish me luck on that!

Spring break was definitely a welcome sight! It's nice to have ten days away from customers, and be able to step outside of Spokane for a while. I spent my shortest visit to date down with Miya and Roy (only four days) where we were able to do a little shopping, and Roy was kind enough to fix both my laptop, and my xbox. I also got caught up with the Resident Evil series, as I hadn't gotten a chance to watch Afterlife yet. I was pleasantly surprised! There wasn't much plot to go on, but that's pretty typical for a zombie movie, and the action more than made up for it! Not to mention, watching zombies get killed in surround sound is way more intense than in my living room! Plus, Roy makes some mean barbeque, and I have discovered a new-found appreciation for potato salad (although I think the bacon definitely helped!).

I'm hoping to get a new computer with my tax return, so if anyone doesn't know what to get for my birthday, some money to help with the expenses would be greatly appreciated! I'm hoping to get a new mac, but seeing as they're so pricey I'll have to play that one by ear.

Sam and I have gritted our teeth, and finally decided to begin a diet. After researching multiple diet plans, she found the MAYO Clinic diet, which basically teaches you how to reconstruct your meals to contain more fruits and veggies, less meat, and to include more physical activity into your day. During the first two weeks, you go through a kind of detox period where you have to eat specific portions of each food group, and no sugar is allowed. We're on day two, and I'm already having to force myself to withstand the cravings! I'm determined to see this through though, since I've been tossing around the idea of going on a diet for quite some time now, and now that I've finally started, I can't back out so soon!


leah z said...

Glad you're feeling better and had a good break. It's nice to read a post from you. Blog posts are what help me survive being up in the night with the kiddo.

Good luck with the diet. It will be 10 million times easier having Sam on the same plan than if you were on your own, since you're less likely to sabotage each other. When I was single, I felt like every time I'd commit to healthy eating one of my friends would go through a break up or something and NEED ice cream, which of course meant I needed some too! I suppose if I had more will power I might have resisted, but let's be honest, it was such a good excuse... :)

Kathy said...

Good for you. You will feel so much better and Sam will too. Glad you're both doing it and you chose a good time. It seems easier when you're out of your daily routine and away from work where all those goodies are. :0)

One of the doctors at work has spearheaded a clinic wide program for a healthier lifestyle with goals of exercise, diet, gardening. There are even team challenges and prizes. Most of the employees have entered the race. Some have started bowling leagues, a walking buddy system, even belly dancing! It's good to see them so excited about getting healthy.

Yancy said...

Good luck with the diet. Sounds like you guys chose one that's well balanced and smart.

♥Miya said...

Either you need to call me more, or you need to update your blog more! I want to know how your life is, you bitch. Also, even though I'm in school, you can still come down whenever you want. I can balance it! I need my sister fix! Hurry up and move down here so we can be RL BFFs!